Welcome to the KCV Cycling store.

All cycling clothes from Borah Teamwear are made to order.  Once you have submitted your order, someone from KCV Cycling will place that order with Borah.  Lead times vary, but we expect all orders to be within the three to four week time frame for delivery.  We rarely have any in stock items due to the nature of sizing and quantities.

New items from Borah may be ordered.  However, there is a minimum quantity of five items before items can be ordered.  Once the minimum is met we may place individual orders as necessary.  All items listed in the store may be ordered anytime since we have met the minimums already.  However, the following items still need a minimum of five.  Pro SS Skin Suite, Youth Team Jersey.

If there are new items from Borah that you would like us to take a look at, please use the Contact Us page, and we’ll begin the process with Borah.  Remember we’ll need a minimum of five orders to get started.

As time permits we will be adding new products to the store.